New GTM act: The Ruff Pack

Jazzy Hip Hop at it's best! Welcome to the next level..[more]

New GTM act: VZI

VZI, a live looping artist who plays more than 10 instruments...[more]

The Uptown Monotones reached the Finals!

TUM are in the finals of an austrian talent show. Thanx for every vote![more]

TUM in the Semifinales!

'The Uptown Monotones' are in the Semifinals of 'Die Grosse Chance`, an austrian talent show on TV.[more]

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05.05.18VZIKapfenberg, ECE Streetfoodfest
05.05.18SladekGraz, Bankerl für Graz, Soloshow
06.05.18GnackwatschnKapfenberg, Street Food Market
06.05.18Saint ChameleonKapfenberg, Street Food Market
06.05.18VZIKapfenberg, ECE Streetfoodfest
12.05.18VZIStuttgart, Marktplatz, Maibaumfescht (GER)
26.05.18GnackwatschnStollberg (GER)
30.05.18GnackwatschnHagenberg, IF Sommerfest
01.06.18Saint ChameleonInnsbruck, LiveStage
02.06.18VZIStoabeatz Festival

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