Saint Chameleon

Genre: Indie Rock

Now soft, then harsh and rude, the instruments and voices are combined to a story about our surroundings. The lyrics range from philosophical questions that life gives to roadtrips and sailormen. And so does the music itself. Its swinging, stomping, flowing and crushing the stereotypes that people have about rockmusic. You can hear the spirit of artists like Tom Waits, C. W. Stoneking and Django Reinhardt. But also other genres of this world of music are to find in the sound of Saint Chameleon.


01.10.201750 Jahre Ö1
09.11.2017München, Ars Musica
10.11.2017Timelkam, Bart Bar
11.11.2017Linz, Design Centre, Nacht der Vielfalt
23.11.2017Wien, Porgy & Bess, Bluebird Festival