Gernre: Live Looping Artist

VZI - One man, who plays live more than ten instruments. How does that work? With live-looping-technology!  VZI is able to record all his instruments one by one live in front of the audience and within seconds he creats an entire songstructure to work with. These live-shows are putting entertainment to  the next level. The one man band of the 21th century...
VZI´s musical roots are mostly in Reggae, Funk and Latin but electronic genres like Drum'n Bass, Dubstep and Techno are performed in an impressive manner too. Also influences as Hip Hop and Dancehall do not come too briefly and are often paired with Ska and Pop. And if it´s appropriate, the whole show can be presented in a traditional way.  With more than 40 Shows every year, (AT, DE, UK, CR, IT, CH) 
VZI knows how to Party...


Chiemsee Reggae Summer (GER), Riverside Festival (AUT), Eastrock Festival (AUT), Satta Music Festival (GER), Brownstock Festival (GBR), Soundwave Festival (CRO), USI Fest (AUT)